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  1. Kevin Leskovac
    Kevin Leskovac
    I have a cross 8 crewman. It starts, immediately stalls. Says low fuel warning even though it has fuel. Says trac off. Any ideas of a fix
  2. Will Taylor
    Will Taylor
    Hey guys is it worth putting a muffler on a ve
  3. Andrej despot
  4. Tailgunner
  5. Gloworm
    Hi all, I have an 08 VE SS manual and want to disable the safety clutch switch so I can start the car with out pushing in the clutch.
  6. Grimalkin
  7. Austin Davies
    Austin Davies
    Vt commodore diff/pinion seal leak
  8. Ricky Thomas
    Ricky Thomas
    Just Mallooing along a tank at a time
  9. Darkhound
    Darkhound PhatCommy
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  10. Commydo
    Commydo Sabbath'
    Hey man,,my vz v6 has slightly rough idle an now I've noticed clicking sound on idle,
    It sounds like it's coming from the evap solenoid and even that small hose that goes to manifold is clicking ,
    Today I had the solenoid out an blew into it,it didn't blow through, Does that mean the solenoid is fine?
    Should I just buy one and see if it stops clicking/rough idle?
    Appreciate if u know anything about it,
  11. David hobbz
    David hobbz
    Hi there I have a VT SS I'm after a colour coded wiring diagram for engine bay .cheers
  12. Tonto ss
    Tonto ss
    Ive got a vz ss ute 5.7 theres oil in radiator but no water in oil. What could it be? Motor is still running good no heating problem. Cheers
    Hi all ive just put new vs rotors on my vs clubsport and tried fitting vt front calipers on them but bracket hits rotor why?
  14. Shelbyr
    Hi all, i have a vz sv6, i want to do lowering springs, so the question is lows or superlows + shortened shocks on the rear. comfy + look :)
  15. Izaac Barratt
    Izaac Barratt
    Just purchased a vx ss manual with over 250000km on the clock is it worth camming? Already has diff exaust extractors clutch upgradeds
  16. Rob940
    Rob940 Dayvo
    Hey Dayvo, saw you reply to a guy that was replacing a rear door on a ve telling him where the wiring look plug is in the vehicle. Have you got any idea where the wiring look goes from a drivers door. Trying to replace one but can’t locate where the wiring look goes to unplug it. Cheers mate!
    1. Dayvo
      Hey mate . Not 100% sure but i think from memory it is behind the kick panel next to the accelerator. Cheers.
      Oct 1, 2019
  17. TheSirCoe
    Wanting to find out why my 04 VY S pac auto is holding first gear for abit
  18. MattManSV6
    Just bought 2017 SV6
  19. Michael Newburn
    Michael Newburn
    How to put pictures up
  20. Reynold