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Q. What can I do to my car to give it better performance?

A. Here are some of the easiest things to do.

1. A cold air intake.

2. A quality air filter, like Kingdragon or Finer filter, which are less restrictive. Even though these filters may be dearer than original units, they are reusable.

3. In unleaded vehicles, use premium unleaded, this can provide some improvement and often better economy depending on how the car is driven.

4. An exhaust change, either with or without extractor. Something like an ultra flow muffler and resonator with the required pipe size. Most 6 cyclinders would not require more than a 2 1/2 inch system. Some V8's will require more than 2 1/2 inch system, if the engine has been modified.

5. A differential change for something with better take off capability.

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